Week 3

Hey everyone, this is my week 3 update for my passion project. I've collected all of the materials needed for my project, the cardboard, glue, paper, etc. Nothing much to report this week except for I'm starting work on the guns. The first gun I'm going to make is gonna be a Desert Eagle, like Adam suggested on my first post (thanks Adam).

Week 2 Update

Hey, this is the week 2 update on my cardboard arsenal project. This week went fairly well for my project, I made my 60 second pitch and I believe it went quite well in class, and I'm still excited as ever to be working on this project. I still have yet to acquire the materials for the project, however I plan on doing that very soon so that I can start work on my project soon.

I hope we can make that music video. A cardboard Uzi would be amazing for that.

Week 1

This is the start of my passion project. Check back here every week to see the progress on my arsenal of 110% LEGAL cardboard guns. Also, this isn't actually a store, so don't try to buy these.